I becoming someone else while talking in a foreign language?

Many of us have noticed that while using a second language become themselves somehow different. Whether we like it just makes such an impression or have some psychological vegetables?


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Person 1.

“When I speak English I feel somehow as if I am missing words. When I speak Spanish, I'm not shy, I have more sense of humor and open himself.”

Person 2.

“When I speak in English, tone my flat, say they had to hold and often use the phrase "excuse me’ i ‘please’. however, when you speak Greek, accelerate speech and use coarse words.”

Person 3.

“When I speak Russian, tone is softer and we use English when I myself sound businesslike.”

This is a bilingual trying to describe how they feel when they talk different languages. Do you really still maintaining the character, attitude of mind, state, mood while using a second language? Whether, pri tome, plunged into the mentality of other peoples and assimilate part of the cultural heritage? Can we do the same convincingly tell a joke in two languages? How do we feel in communication ? Is there any truth in the Czech proverb: “learn a new language and get a new soul”?

Despite numerous confessions on the subject ” how I feel when I say this and that language” There are very few relevant studies to illuminate this phenomenon and gave him some sort of scientific basis. One of the few studies conducted at the University of Connecticut, consisted of comparative personality tests in English and Spanish. The results are really showed that there are some differences in the expression of traits in different languages.

How we feel as we speak a language, certainly affect the level of knowledge and social context in which you use that. whether foreign language we use to chat with friends or in a business environment.








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